4 Tips for Staging Your Washington, D.C. Home

4 Tips for Staging Your Washington, D.C. Home

  • Lockard & Smith
  • 10/24/19


Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task. From major improvements, like a kitchen upgrade, to minor changes, like a fresh coat of paint or updated lighting fixtures, the opportunities are endless. But fixing up your home doesn’t have to be scary. Staging your D.C. home can be a great way to get ready for an open house and attract buyers to help your home sell quickly. With a combination of attention to detail and smart staging, you can turn your home into a model home.


When a buyer is looking for their dream home, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there. One of the best ways to do that is by appealing to a broad range of styles rather than niche tastes. Home styles in the D.C. area have shifted away from the traditional furnishings that worked well in the past toward more contemporary looks that young families and first-time buyers are seeking. Softer, more neutral color palettes for walls, furniture, and fabrics, as well as lighter kitchen cabinets and pared-down decor, please a wider range of buyers and also make for a calmer, more inviting space.


Something that is true of every space in every home is that light always enhances the feel and visual appeal of a room. Natural light helps a space seem larger and warmer, and it flatters the furnishings of the room. The effect can also be replicated with artificial light — table or floor lamps — and with mirrors, both of which amplify and reflect existing light in a room.


One of the most important things to do when staging and organizing your home for sale is reducing the amount of clutter and unnecessary items in every room. Professional stagers do more with less, which results in a home that feels more spacious, welcoming, and attractive. Start be removing accessories from tables, shelves, and other surfaces and then sparingly adding select items back. Editing is hard but will pay off in the end. Decluttering also has the added benefit of making your move easier when you close the sale.


Creating a certain mood is also key in staging a home. Every home is unique and has its own personality. However, there are things you can do that will make an impact: turning on the fireplace if you have one or curating an open house playlist to softly play throughout the home. Avoid using strong scents that some people are allergic to or find offensive. Opt instead for fresh eucalyptus branches or flowers in certain rooms to achieve more subtle scents. Temperature also plays a role in buyers’ impression of the home. A happy medium temperature around 70–75 degrees is a safe bet.

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